This is my first post in 2010. Today, I was talking to my long-time-no-see friend. The chat, as usual, proceeded from weather and life downturn to what she ultimately wants to do in her life. She is an old-fashioned woman, so she want a loving husband who is intelligent with the charm of a Chinese gentleman.

Her whole philosophy led me to think what are my goals—-both in personal and professional life. I have thought often about it and have realized that as I change, times change, my goals will change. I am in the point that if we don’t know what we want, we don’t get what we want. This is true for professional and personal life.

Money is not the (only) aim for me. Although I do hope that someday I can be so rich that I can use the money to influence out there that will help change the world for good, basically I just want to keep my life interesting. If I’m doing something I enjoy, then the only money I need is to live comfortably when I’m not working.

Learn to live with less. Although not as an accounting and finance major, I learned thoroughly about what we called “cost” and “income”. I firmly believe that living frugally and sticking into modest standard, will allow me to focus on things that are much more important.

Let everybody raise an “Everyone dream”. Honestly, this is my “kiddish” resolution. Basically, I just want to erase the barriers of social mobility so that everyone in society have equal opportunity to grow. Who works hard can actually achieve their own dream—-regardless of his or her background and connection. I know this may sound too naive. But, who knows?

Spend more time with family. Without doubt, family play an important role in my life. So, I’d like to repay my family for everything they’ve given me and everything they have helped me become. When I eventually have kids, I want them to live worry-free. I want to see my kids accomplish more in their lives than I have in mine.

A good quality friends. I want to have a good group of quality friends around me as I believe that friends (and lovers) are the pillars of my life. I definitely want to maintain and build a lasting relationship with those who I care about. I often think that 10 years after I am gone, if there are 10, or 100, or even 1000 people in this whole wide world other than my family who still remember me and miss me and say that I was a nice guy, I would consider my life well spent.

Please let me know your views on what is ultimate resolution of life, in 2010 exactly.Maybe I can help you with your resolutions someday. 🙂

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