understandIt’s much easier to make up a lie than to tell the truth. We all do it, yet at the same time we demand honesty we cannot always give.

But why is it so hard to say what’s on your mind? Are we simply trying to be polite, trying not to be hurtful? Or attempting to avoid embarrassment?

Dishonesty hurts much more when it comes from someone you trust. You never thought there would be any fallacy, until a deliberate twist of truth throws the relationship up in the air.

Then again I just lied to a person tonight – whom I obviously don’t trust.

Everything happen for a reason.. and yes.. with God, everything happens for a good reason. And if this is a perfect plan that God write for me, just wanna said that She is, the best gift that God ever gave for me so far…Amen….

May be with this song, I got the drawing the situation that I’ve been tonight….

If Temorrow Never Come (Ronan Keating)

If tomorrow never comes
what will you do in this last day

For I
that stuck in the moment
that lost in nowhere
with this wishing to I never been born at all

For I
that clueless
with this wishing to I could turn back the time

For I
that unaccompanied


then realized
I’m not half the man I used to be
I’ve turn to be somebody else
and everything will never be the same anymore